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5. Know what is expected of you.

There will be times when your SEO team needs your input, but the frequency they’ll need you to participate varies greatly. Sometimes, they’ll request a check-in call to discuss your campaign and key performance indicators. Other times, they may ask you to write a blog post or content for a page on your site. It just depends on your particular needs and campaign objectives.

6. Do your research.

Ask the agencies you're interviewing to provide you with references from clients. Follow up with these businesses. Ask questions about the quality of this agency’s work and the idn slot 88 attention they received while working together. Make sure the agencies you’re considering have run successful SEO campaigns under similar circumstances.

7. Get a full understanding of pricing.

SEO is a long-term investment. It can take months to see substantial results. So, it’s important to know what SEO tasks are included in the price you’re being quoted.

Often strategy, research, implementation, reporting and analysis are included in the price. But, this may not be all you need to achieve good SEO. Additional things that may be needed include copywriting, web development/coding, UI/UX work and more. Ask how an agency goes about charging for tasks that are outside the initial scope of work and see if you can get a feel for if/how often these out-of-scope tasks may be recommended.